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The New Law - The Fifty Year Storm | Album

This is the third chapter of the unknown hero, THE NEW LAW, who is leaving the barren waste after the battle at "High Noon". He joins some fellow fighters who venture out to sea, to escape certain death of the old land, and they sail forth to explore new worlds. He gradually learns the way of the sea through the rolling waves of the journey, but on the red horizon ahead, there's something brewing: something dark and sinister... and he's unwillingly heading straight into the storm of it.

"The New Law's 'The Fifty Year Storm' continues where "High Noon" left off. It's a beautiful, cinematic soundscape of warm electronics and chill horns that makes up the perfect soundtrack for the new year." - John Richards (KEXP, The Morning Show)

"THE NEW LAW - The Fifty Year Storm gets a "five"... it's "DJ Shadow meets Ennio Morricone in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and they kick some ass together and we get to watch". 5 out of 5, - Trippin the Rift

"This album takes you on a gorgeous and exciting adventure where action and crisis stand off against one another. A majestic album. " - Earmilk.com (Top Albums of 2012 So Far)

"Full of magnificently widescreen compositions blessed with a dazzlingly diverse instrumental palette." Dave Segal, 'Data Breaker', The Stranger

"The Fifty Year Storm is one of the best instrumental hip-hop albums that I have heard in quite some time... The Fifty Year Storm is hard for me to not listen to every day" - Innovative Music Blog

"An epic, wide-screen, and unapologetically dense blend of hip-hop-&-trip-hop that's laced with seething breakbeats and a web of samples and acoustic and synthetic sounds." - Textura Review


released 01 January 2012

Album written and recorded by THE NEW LAW (Adam Straney and Justin Neff).
Album Produced by Adam Straney.

With Additional Credits:

Trumpet and Guitar by Peter Jordan on "I've Seen Some Mean Faces"

A couple drum hits by Steven Straney on "Into the Clouds"

You may download the album for free, just click BUY NOW and "Name Your Price" € 0 Download Album: bandcamp.com

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