пятница, 17 июля 2015 г.

The New Law - High Noon | Album

An epic journey of deep, chest-pounding hip hop and broken beats layered with hypnotic soundscapes and mind-warping synths that create a beautiful balance of dirt and space.

"One of the best albums from the underground I've ever gotten."
- Kaska Paluch (editor-in-chief - www.80bpm.net)

"One the best and biggest surprises for me this year was The New Law's releases...beautiful, emotional, cinematic... Its near perfect"
- John Richards (The Morning Show, KEXP 90.3FM)

"The New Law sounds like moody, atmospheric, largely instrumental trip-hop genius."
- Ethan Georgi (properlychilled.com)

"This duo is versatile as can be. Ambient is a word that’s thrown around a lot. The New Law has proven that they know the meaning.”
- Dan Vidal (Urb Magazine)

"Deftly arranged, orchestrally inclined hip hop that evokes Ninja Tune's glory years and Portishead's doomed-romance aura."
- Dave Segal (The Stranger)

You may download the album for free, just click BUY NOW and "Name Your Price" € 0 Download Album: bandcamp.com

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