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Long Arm & Ruslan Gadzhimuradov feat. Rustam Gellmanov - The Journey of a Rock Climber Told Through Music | Video

3 октября в Санкт-Петербурге и 4 октября Москве состоялись премьеры нового клипа с участием Георгия Котунова (Long Arm) и Руслана Гаджимурадова, созданного в рамках проекта Red Bull Rock'n'Rocks, над которым музыканты работали вместе с обладателем Кубка Мира по скалолазанию Рустамом Гельмановым

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Skalpel - Transit | Album

When SKALPEL was releasing their debut album on Ninja Tune in 2004, Poland was just accessing the European Union and NME described the music duo as an exotic oddity from a faraway land. After 10 years and with 2 nu-jazz classic albums under their belt („Skalpel“ and „Konfusion“) that put Poland on the electronic genre map. SKALPEL, well respected and recognized is back with a new release in yet again an important moment in history when the Polish Prime Minister becomes the new European Council President .

On their previews releases SKALPEL „resurrected the dusty and smoky spirit of 60s and 70s Polish Jazz and then re-imagined it for 21st century audiophiles”. The new album TRANSIT shows that the producers‘ imagination takes them much further beyond Polish inspirations creating a truly international blend. They do not limit themselves to Europe but also reach for music of American continents and take a journey across Asia. Eastern European melancholy intertwines with Mediterranean warmth.Transit is about transition – from one music genre to another, from sample-based music to programming and electronic production, from black and white to full colour spectrum, from dark to bright, form low-fi to hi-fi. Finally from Ninja Tune to their own imprint PlugAudio.

Transit is about communication: conquering literally borders between countries but also metaphorically between music styles the world over. It’s about communicating with fans through emotions, feeling and soul.

To describe the music one could use: ambient, swing, latin, cinematic, trip-hop, easy-listening, broken beat but the key word is really VIBES. In music instrument context, there are a lot of vibraphone parts on it but also in terms of ambience, there are plenty of good vibes.

Marcin and Igor still live in Poland, where SKALPEL has a cult status but a lot of their fans moved to the UK and other European countries and the social, political and cultural European environment in Europe has changed.

In Skalpel’s case, a lot has also changed, however, what was written about their first album remains: “Warm, crisp and complex without being complicated. A refreshing break with prevailing UK trendmongering and banwagoneering, Skalpel are just focusing on doing it right.”

… And this is the right time for SKALPEL’s new music.


released 10 October 2014 
shipping date around : 10/10/2014

Slovakos - JAZZYMASSIVE | Mix

Baguk Perez - Nu Jazz City (promodj.com)
Essence Jungle - Oasis Jungle (promodj.com)
25segments + Second People - Inborn Jazz Infection (promodj.com)
Donny Brasco - You Gonna Die Today (promodj.com)
Dark Star - Imagination (promodj.com)
Serjio Gray - lounge coupe (promodj.com)
Serjio Gray - Lights (promodj.com)
Baguk Perez - White Silence (Белое Безмолвие) (promodj.com)

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Manifique - Inner Shine | Mix

Sonmi451 - Quiet Piece For Bram
Likeicare - Laputa
Telefon tel aviv - Sound in a dark room
Jan Amit - An Android Who Loved
Four Tet - Angel Echoes
Balam Acab - Motion
Q-Beast - Carousel Syndrome
Phantogram - 10,000 Claps
Floex - Zorya Polunochnaya
Micromattic - Tweak Peaks
Plaid - Coat
The Flashbulb - Dread, Etched In Snow
Jon Hopkins - The Wider Sun & Vessel

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Narcotics Anonymous - Jazz For My Friends | Mix

Artie Shaw - 'S Wonderful
Tommy Dorsey - Opus One
Stan Kenton - Tampico
Charlie Barnet - Skyliner
Benny Goodman - Slipped Disc
Benny Goodman - Clarinade
Count Basie - Taps Miller
Gene Krupa - Leave Us Leap
Harry James - It's Been A Long Time
Woody Herman - Apple Honey
Les Brown - Leap Frog
Stan Kenton - Eager Beaver
Erskine Hawkins - Tippin' In
Lionel Hampton - Hamp's Boogie Woogie
Woody Herman - Northwest Passage
Eddie Heywood - Begin the Beguine

Посвящается друзьям:
loungeman и Инне и Косте  Abu 

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Narcotics Anonymous – Prohibition | Mix

Ambrose - Hors d'Oeuvre
Andy Kirk - Steppin' Pretty
Jimmie Lunceford - Rhythm is Our Business
Louis Armstrong - Mahogany Hall Stomp
Tommy Dorsey - Ja-Da
Benny Goodman - Walk, Jennie, Walk
Bob Crosby - Muskrat Ramble
Benny Goodmann - King Porter Stomp
Casa Loma - Maniac's Ball
Earl Hines - Cavernism
Dorsey Brothers - St. Louis Blues
Casa Loma - White Jazz
Fletcher Henderson - Happy as the Day is Long
Earl Hines - Rosetta
Chick Webb - If Dreams Come True
Jimmie Lunceford - Charmaine

В полночь 16 января 1920 года Восемнадцатая поправка к Конституции США вступила в действие, и на всей территории США производство, транспортировка и продажа алкоголя стали нелегальны. Началось время Prohibition - Сухого закона.

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Abu & Narcotics Anonymous - Is Best Skool (Rework) | Mix

Abu 00.00

2Pac - Whatcha Gonna Do
A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario (Featuring Leaders Of The New School)
Akinyele - Off The Hook
Big L - Put It On
Crooked I - L.A. City Style
Das EFX - Jungle
DJ Muggs vs. GZA - Queen's Gambit
Eazy E - Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z
EPMD - Da Joint
Jeru The Damaja - How I'm Livin' (1996)
Lords Of The Underground - Check It (Remix)

Narcotics Anonymous 41.00

Das EFX - Baknaffek
Funkdoobiest - Bow Wow Wow
KRS-One - Sound Of Da Police
House Of Pain - Same As It Ever Was
Cypress Hill - Lick a shot
Onyx - Throw ya gunz
Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause
James Brown - Funky Drummer
Public Enemy - Fight The Power
Th E - Spazmed

Самый чинный рэп. Спасибо!

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Narcotics Anonymous & DJ Rah wheel - Interpretation of Dreams | Mix

01. Gamma - If You Go Away
02. Amoss Feat. MC Fokus - The Shapeshifter (Skeptical Remix)
03. Halogenix - Raya VIP
04. DBR UK & Mtwn - Shrapnel (Original Mix)
05. Optiv & CZA - Sight Unseen
06. Survival, Silent Witness & Cern - Tracer VIP
07. DLR - 8 Bits of 16 (Feat. Kyza)
08. Safire - The Power of Thought
09. Mindmapper & Fre4knc - Apparatus
10. Silent Witness - Ballistix
11. EBK - Strength

Спасибо Dispatch Recordings(UK) за чудесную музыку.

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Abu & Narcotics Anonymous - Meeting | Mix

01. DJ Trax & Enjoy - A Fresh Beginning (Original mix)
02. The Undergraduates - Space
03. Shebuzzz - Mental Voyage
04. Jungle Bunnies - Feelin Da Desire
05. Neutral Point - Still Life
06. Enduser - Apocalypse
07. Kid Lib - bloodclart tune
08. Paluca feat Mc Zy - Evil spirit
09. AcdBrnOut - Like a bitch
10. Egg Nebula - Unknown Resource(Skyward EP)
11. Andy Skopes - True Chord Redux VIP
12. blang - Heavy Yo' by BLANG (Original)
13. Correckt Step Krew - Dead Wrong

Микс длиной в 1500 км. Начат в Москве, закончен на Урале. Спасибо за тёплый приём!

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