вторник, 29 апреля 2014 г.

Hidden Orchestra (GB) | Центральный Телеграф (Msc) / SKIF (Spb) | 16 Мая / 17 Мая

We're very sorry not to be performing at Denovali Records | Denovali Swingfest in London today, and all the other shows we've had to cancel, but we're really pleased to let you know about our return to playing live, with 3 dates in May, if everything stays on track -

•May 10th - AV show - The Great Escape Festival, Brighton Corn Exchange (supporting Jon Hopkins)
•May 16th - AV show - DI Telegraph, Moscow
•May 17th - AV show - SKIF-Sergey Kuryokhin International Festivall, St Petersburg

We're also going to be doing some non-AV festival appearances, including:
•July 7th - Love Supreme Festival, Brighton
•July 20th - Colours of Ostrava, CZ
•August 16th - Canary Wharf Jazz Festival, London

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