среда, 19 марта 2014 г.

Renegades Of Jazz - We Are Friends | Compilation

Welcome to the “We Are Friends”!
Friends, that is the six labels who respect themselves and love each other’s music. That’s why we joined forces and give all you people out there a free compilation of fresh tracks from all these labels. some unreleaed, some exclusives and some remixes.

For the first issue we have a cool mixture of soul and funk, afro and electro, beats and breaks, dub and French pop for you. It’s axatcly what we like best: A colourful trip through up to date musical styles, just perfect for the springtime!

We hope that you enjoy this compilation and the music of our friends. We certainly do !

You can download the whole compilation by giving us your eMail here at Bandcamp.


Agogo Records / Hiperbole Records / Jalapeno Records / Lovemonk / Légère Recordings / Wonderwheel Recordings
released 14 March 2014

You may download the album for free, just click BUY NOW and "Name Your Price" € 0 Download Album: bandcamp.com

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