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Egadz - Satellites (Deluxe Version) | Album

Multi-instrumentalist Erik Nava is an electronic musician raised in Southern California. Beat making came quickly for him after various forms of hip hop expression. In 2001, Erik fully realized the ideas that broke away from traditional loop and sample based beat music. The idea 12 years ago was to take things a bit further: to make beats into real composed music by utilizing live instruments played by himself. In essence, making beat music that was more than something to layer vocals over. Erik made beats music that stood on its own.

A big believer in crafting an original sound, Erik built song after song, album after album, based on the belief that one day it could be a genre. Unfortunately, the industry hadn’t carved out a niche for this new kind of music in Erik’s early years, so he continued to release the music independently, while slowly roping in fans worldwide. Experimenting and pushing the envelope on what post-hip hop electronica would sound like became an obsession. Soon Erik found himself supporting his own endeavors as a professional musician, still completely independent.

As the beat culture progressed, and technology advanced, the multi-instrumentalist beat maker is no longer a rare sight. Erik didn’t stop there. Making advancements in controller theory and electronic music performance, he has toured all over the US and internationally. He brought his highly original and, at the time, rare controller performance to people who never imagined that music could be played on anything other than live instruments.

Many of the ideas and experiments during the last 12 years have accumulated into Satellites, the newest project released under Erik’s moniker Egadz. Satellites isn’t just an album, but a string of related pieces of multi-media art, including visual art, videos, and video games. Remaining in the vein of innovation, Erik continues to be a highly creative artist who has only shared a small fraction of his ideas with the world.

“There are no limits to the sound of electronic music,” Erik stresses when describing Satellites. “The sound will be crafted, manipulated, and pushed to the edge of imagination. The future will look something like a collage of sound visual experiments, neo-space race aesthetic, & future beats all dreamed up in separate unpredictable artistic pieces. The new videos will push the relationship between sound and sight, and what it means to interlace the two together. I’m also coming up with new theories related to visual performance, and how music connects with gaming. Overall, my focus is to create a great experience using technological, sound, and design aesthetics.”
released 30 July 2013

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