четверг, 18 апреля 2013 г.

Anna Plyas - Teonanakatl | Mix

Anna Plyas - Teonanakatl by Anna Plyas on Mixcloud

Betty Wright & The Roots - In the middle of the Game
Venueconnection - Fire it up!
Breakestra - Set the sun (for dusk uno)
Scallymatic Orchestra - Befor my time
Sam Paglia - Electric happiness
Afternoons in stereo - Promise
Beach Hoppers - One love
Redlounge Orchestra - Dans La Musique
Moshang - A chance meeting
Dosh - Don`t wait for the needle to drop
Wagon Christ - Introfunktion
Lo-Fi Scientists - Jazz baby
Speedometr - Walk (turntable by King 3LDK)
Beanfield - Mr.Park
King Shi - Stone garden

Download Mix (mp3 320) from PromoDJ.com/AnnaPlyas

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